Retro Chalet Etsy Coupon Code

Here is a coupon code good until the end of September.  It is GUITAR10 and will give you 10 percent off your purchase!


retro chalet coupon code
Retro Chalet Coupon Code, add in at the checkout! GUITAR10 gets you 10 percent off

Thought for today, enjoy life it’s the only one you’ve got !

Daschund Love
Wein Schnitzel, is enjoying life today.

RetroChalet on Etsy : Why a WordPress Blog

retro Chalet Welcome to my new RetroChalet’s Etsy shop‘s blog.  This should be interesting because I basically suck at WordPress. I’ve been a longtime blogger, but here I am. There is a reason for me starting this blog on WordPress. You see a long time ago when I registered my RetroChalet Blog n Blogger I started writing about melmac dinnerware.  Then vintage plastic. Then it turned into Melmac Central Plastic Fantastic and pretty much that’s all it was. Plastic this and plastic that, but what about all the other cool things in my Etsy shop that I wanted to discuss and talk about? I truly didn’t realize when I started that blog it would have become so popular.

That left me little room to talk about a vintage wooden table, or vintage cash register on a plastic dinnerware blog now would it? I’m going to try to see what I can do with wordpress and see what happens.  Wish me luck.

Bear with me!